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Set Up Profile.

  1. First Log In Set Up

Please fill in your details including Age, Current Occupation, Career Goal (Occupation), Country, and choose the industry you are interested in. This information will help the system provide you with personalized education recommendations

  1. Profile Avatar and Profile Setting

  • Avatar: Click on the Avatar button to upload a new avatar and impress other users.

  • Please fill in all other details in the red field to get the best recommendations and support from the GloboRoom Platform

  1. Showcase your expertise and social profile.

  • Title Update Instructions

    Update your title to reflect your profession or role, such as "IT Specialist" or "Personal Development Coach

  • Social Profile Update Instructions: Click to social icon to update your social profile link, example: Linkedin, Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube, X or Telegram

  • Flexing Instructions

    Fill in the flexing field to showcase yourself to learners and other users. You can also upload links, YouTube introduction videos, and more to highlight your skills and achievements.

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